Thank you to all who submitted abstracts for ISCT 2018 Montreal, notifications have been sent to all presenters.

Presentation Guidelines

Oral Abstract Presentations

Presentations are scheduled for 15 minutes total, 12 minutes for presentation and 3 minute question period.

Powerpoint presentations should be prepared in a 16:9 (widescreen ratio).

Poster Presentations

Posters should be printed to measure maximum dimensions of  4 ft x 4 ft (48 inches x 48 inches).

Final poster numbers are found in the presenter invitations (final ID #). A poster number listing will also be published closer to the meeting.

Posters can be setup during the opening hours of the exhibit hall, and remain up for the entire duration of the conference.

Wednesday, May 2 19:30-21:30
Thursday, May 3 09:00-19:30
Friday, May 4 09:00-18:30

ALL posters must be torn down by 18:30 on Friday, May 4. Any posters left up after this time will be destroyed.

Poster Session 1
Thursday, May 3 18:00-19:30

Poster Session 2
Friday, May 4 17:00-18:30

General Guidelines

ISCT may reject abstracts that are considered inappropriate for any reason. Abstracts, once submitted, can only be withdrawn from publication no later than February 9, 2018. If not withdrawn by this deadline, all accepted abstracts will be published in the final program.

Abstracts must be submitted via the online Abstract Submission System. Abstracts will NOT be accepted by email, mail, or fax.

Abstract presenters MUST be registered for the meeting. For those requiring acceptance notifications before registering, ISCT will allow up to two weeks after acceptance for these individuals to register.

Embargo* Policy

  • Abstracts submitted to the ISCT 2018 Annual Meeting are embargoed from other scientific journals or conference presentations from the time of submission.
  • For the abstract to be eligible for presentation at the ISCT 2018 Annual Meeting, information contained within, as well as additional data and information to be presented about the content, may not be published elsewhere or presented in another journal or conference before the abstract has been published/presented at the ISCT 2018 Annual Meeting.
  • Authors must notify ISCT if, after the submission deadline, the submitted abstract is accepted for publication elsewhere or will be presented before the ISCT 2018 Annual Meeting. Publication before the meeting may result in the abstract being removed from the meeting.
  • If the Embargo Policy is violated, the abstract may be withdrawn by ISCT from presentation at the ISCT 2018 Annual Meeting and from publication in the final program.

*An embargo means that information from any abstract or presentation may not be presented or published in another journal or conference before the embargo date and time.


There are no fees associated with submitting an abstract. Those presenting abstracts will be responsible for their own travel and meeting expenses.


Accepted abstracts will be published in a supplemental version of Cytotherapy, the official journal of ISCT.

If you no longer want your abstract to be published in Cytotherapy, you must notify isct@celltherapysociety.org no later than February 9, 2018.


Abstract notifications were sent out to presenters via e-mail on February 2, 2018.


A select number of awards are available. Three Young Investigator awards and three Technologist Awards of $1000 USD each will be selected based on abstract score.

One Best Poster and one Best Oral Abstract Award of $1500 USD each will be selected and awarded on site at the ISCT 2018 Annual Meeting.

To be eligible for Abstract Awards, you must be a current ISCT member.

A young investigator is classified as a student, resident, or fellow who received their PhD in the last 7 years. Eligibility for the Technologist Award requires the presenter to hold a technical designation (ex. MLS(ASCP) or equivalent).  Technologist Award recipients are employed in technical laboratory settings.

Technologist and Young Investigator Abstract Award recipients will be notified by February 9, 2018.